Performance Marketing


Performance marketing now provides you with the ability to measure and adapt everything from brand reach to the conversion rate down to a single advert. This new use of technology has provided advertisers with valuable insight into the performance of the ads they are running in order to fine tune and optimise their campaigns in accordance to the various metrics they now have access to.


Advertising is becoming more and more transparent, advertisers now are looking beyond just the brand image to build campaigns and strategies for their clients that have a much better return on investment. This whole concept was born out of the need to get more visibility and transparency on your online marketing campaigns, minimise the media costs  while maximising the return on investment. When it comes to performance marketing campaigns, our clients only pay when a specific action has been completed, rather than for only the impressions.


We deliver you guaranteed RESULTS !





Video marketing is crucial for every brand… so far nothing new. But instead of using video as a mass-communication tool, let’s shift towards more narrow targeting with a strong visibility on your results.


Whether it’s on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or on 3rd party websites, your video campaign will be completely measured and optimised so that we always find the most relevant audience for you.


On top of that we run your video campaigns against a guaranteed price per completed view (CPV) and a guaranteed number of views.





You want to drive more people to your website or Facebook page but you also want to know how many you can expect and against which price?  The our Traffic (or PPC) campaigns will help you out.


Search (adwords)

Social (Facebook/Instagram/Linkedin/Twitter)

Display (programmatic/direct)


For each channel we can build a marketing plan for you that delivers you a guaranteed number of clicks against a fixed cost per click (CPC)



App installs


You want to more people to download and use your app?

We use multiple channels and platforms to drive your app installs:


Google Universal App Campaign (UAC)

Facebook App Install Ads

Twitter App Install Ads

Programmatic App Install ads


Mobile app install tracking and attribution? We’re open for almost all 3rd party tracking like Tune, AppsFlyer, Google Analytics and many others



Lead Generation


You need leads to fill up your sales funnel?

For each channel we can design the best solution for you.


Google Adwords






For a fixed price per lead (PCL) we’ll provide you the best possible quality and number of leads so you only have to focus on converting these leads into paying customers





Cost per Acquisition or Conversion Campaigns (CPA) are at the bottom of the marketing pyramid and deliver guaranteed bottom line results against the lowest possible risk for the advertiser. You only pay when when there’s an actual conversion!


CPA campaigns depend on so many variables that they’re always fully custom made and calculated for each client.  Whether you already have historical data on previous performance or we have to run a benchmark pilot first, GreenWhite Marketing will come up with the best possible solution to help you to drive and increase your online sales…