Display Advertising

We do branding & performance campaigns. Our innovative technology (programmatic marketing) enables us to get the best results for our clients.

The Thai media landscape:

The Thai digital market is developing rapidly. More and more people get access to the Internet every year. Online traffic will therefore keep on growing.

The use of smartphones is unique in Thailand. 90% of the Internet users go online via their smartphone compared to 50% with a desktop and 25% with a laptop. With half of the population being a smartphone user in 2020, mobile is extremely important.

For brands this means, that when reaching consumers, a digital media strategy for mobile is more than necessary. Whether the goal is to increase your brand’s awareness or drive users to your website to impact business results, mobile will surely be used. In our campaigns we always start with mobile and then look at desktop and tablet.

What we do:

We divide campaigns into three categories, based on the purpose of the campaign:

  1. Touch: campaigns with a goal of increasing branding KPI’s
  2. Tell: campaigns with a goal of driving interest among the target audience(s)
  3. Sell: campaigns with performance goals

We connect all three stages by managing the complete customer journey. Within every category different advertising types are used. Rich media banners for instance work best for increasing brand awareness. For interacting with your target group so that they know more about your offering, video advertising or social media concepts are proven methods. Whilst when generating more orders or leads on the advertiser’s website, it is key to use display advertising intelligently. Data – and campaign insights like audiences, digital behaviour or even weather data can be analysed in different data models to improve the number of orders or the cost-per-order. It is all about placing the ad at the right time and place with the right message.

To get the ad where it should be at the right cost, we use the best programmatic advertising technology.

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