Search Marketing

Search engine advertising (SEA):

In Thailand Google is mostly used when it comes to searching online. More than 95% of the Internet users go to Google. As a brand it is paramount to be found via Google, when users are looking for your organization or your products.

Search engine advertising (SEA) is however not restricted to Google. Also keyword related advertising on various websites, like comparison or affiliate websites are considered as SEA.

What we do:

SEA is a powerful digital media channel. It is effective and very relevant. However you need specialists with experience to realize ambitious goals and have control over budget. When you know what you’re doing, SEA can be very cost effective to get more traffic to or revenue from your website.

The rules and technology behind SEA is continuously changing. Our experts keep up to date and know how to set up your campaign -, adgroup – and keyword structure.

Before we start we do a keyword analysis to determine which keywords are regularly used and how competitive those keywords are. When the campaign is live, we provide you with weekly updates on cost, traffic and ROI. We optimize campaigns on a daily basis.

Besides working on Google, Yahoo and Bing, our SEA specialists help our clients with running campaigns on new formats, like Google Shopping.